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"Great speakers aren't born; they're trained.  

-Dale Carnegie

2024 Summer Camps

Rising Leaders' public speaking summer camps have been highly successful, empowering students with vital communication skills. Campers learn the importance of public speaking, mastering both content creation and delivery techniques. They build confidence and poise through practice and constructive feedback. Parents have noticed significant improvements in their children's communication abilities and self-esteem. Join us to see your child transform into a confident, articulate speaker.

Rising Leaders
Speakers Forum

Learn about the recent Rising Leaders Speakers Forum that took place to give students a broader stage to showcase their talent and gain new experience.

Our Mission

At Rising Leaders, our mission is to create an empowering environment where children and youth excel in public speaking and leadership development. Through our program, we cultivate effective communication skills, boost self-confidence, and nurture leadership abilities. With personalized attention, engaging activities, and a dynamic learning environment, we equip children with the essential skills they need to express themselves with clarity, engage their audience, and become confident leaders. By enrolling your child in our Public Speaking and Leadership Development Classes, you are making an investment in their future success. Join us on this transformative journey of growth and empowerment today.